At InServ Corp we CreatE a loving, lasting memory of your beloved companion.

Private Cremation

We provide experienced specialists that are  professionally trained to service private cremations with the utmost care.  Private cremations are performed on an individual basis, with each step of the aftercare process being completely tailored to your beloved pet. Your beloved pet will not be placed amongst other pets during private cremation as our advanced 10 door crematory system, ensures that your pet can be treated on an individual basis. We have taken great measures to provide comfortable clean viewing rooms and facilities. With private cremation, we can provide cremains back to pet owners in our Regency Family Urn with cremation certificate.  If desired, pet owners can select a custom urn using our online Urn store. Our experienced, compassionate representatives are trained to answer any questions regarding arrangements for your beloved pet. Please contact us for more information.

Group Cremation

Group cremation is performed on a routine basis.  For peace of mind, the cremains are carefully placed in our “Field of Dreams” burial grounds.  This is a designated grounds for cremains who have been communally cremated.  Markers are placed indicating the period of time of interments.  The client’s beloved pet is entered in a permanent registry.  A certificate can be given upon request.